(A)               Mineral Promotion

  • The NGSA organizes Mineral Open Day Clinics every last Saturday of every month for wider dissemination of geosciences information to the public (including school children).
  • The NGSA offices open nationwide from 8am – 4pm, Monday to Friday for geological consultation and services, sales of maps, bulletin, geological reports and airborne geophysical data.

(B)                Customer Service Unit

  • The customer service Centre is the arm that provides information on the activities of NGSA and manages the sales of products such as maps, publications and data. The Unit is in all offices nationwide.

(C)          Geological Services

  • The NGSA provide services on geological mapping, geotechnical investigation, hydrogeological mapping, geophysical and geochemical mapping as well as basin analysis.

It also engages in mineral resources exploration, assessment and evaluation.

(D)               Consultancy Services

The NGSA Consult, a subsidiary of the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency, is a corporate body established for the provision of consultancy services on solid mineral resources development, and in other geoscientific domains. The consult has over 200 highly trained professional and technical staff. Its competence to achieve the set objectives for services required cannot be doubted since the Agency has an accumulation of over 50 years of geological experience.


The Consult is well positioned and equipped to provide the underlisted services through its technical departments:

(I)           Regional Geology Department

–        General geological planning

–        Mineral exploration

–        Evaluation of mineral deposits

–        Stream and soil sampling surveys

(III)     Applied and Engineering Department

  • Geophysical studies using Gravity, Magnetic, Radiometric, Resistivity, Seismic, Electromagnetic methods.

–        Applications in mineral exploration Water resources studies, Environmental hazard monitoring

  • Regional geophysical surveys
  • Ground water surveys/ aquifer evaluation
  • Engineering geophysics in dam sites, roads and foundation studies
  • Foundation studies, Waste management, Pollution control.
  • Slope stability., Erosion/Flood control
  •  Drilling and Technical Services Unit
  • Exploration Drilling – Coring
  • Water well drilling