There are three technical departments in the Agency which are Regional Geology Dept., Economic Geology Dept. and Applied & Engineering Dept.

Regional Geology Dept. - saddled with the responsibility of carrying out geological mapping of the entire country, to carry out the acquisition & interpretation of remotely sensed data and the publication of NGSA products such as maps, bulletins, occasional papers and records. (units includes – Igneous and Metamorphic Geology, Sedimentary and Quaternary Geology, Structural Geology, Geomatics and Geospatial Information)


Economic Geology Dept. - engages in assessment, evaluation and characterization of mineral resources in the entire area of the country, carry out baseline geochemical mapping of the country embarks on modeling of Ore reserves and provides advice to guide the mineral exploration strategy and classification of strategic mineral resources. . (units includes – Mineral Exploration, Mineral Evaluation and Geochemistry)

 Applied & Engineering Dept. - carries out geotechnical studies for land use development and management, assesses groundwater potential for environmental management and land use planning, provides geophysical reports and maps for the purpose of  comprehensive and reliable database, undertakes groundtruthing of Airborne geophysical survey data (magnetic, gravity and radiometric) of the entire area of the country recently acquired by the Agency. . (units includes- Applied Geophysics, Engineering and Urban Geology, Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology and Geostatistics).